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The drum is one of the most physical instruments we use in our method. We will look at the use of different rhythms in a therapeutic context, a technique called the ‘rhythm of life’, brainwave entrainment and drum massage.

The Drums can be played over and / or around the body the soundwaves are felt by the person receiving the treatment, which can be both comforting and penetrating, depending on how strongly the drum is played.



A chance to experience relaxation on a deep level whilst being accompanied by the therapeutic sounds of Bahia Bass Drums, Therapeutic percussion such as Koshi Chimes and Rainsticks. 


This process allows the body’s systems to unwind and rebalance. Sound has been proven to facilitate a deeper relaxation and one that remains with the individual for a greater period of time than that of similar relaxation processes.


This session is ideal for anyone who would like to enjoy the opportunity for deep relaxation. It is also beneficial in helping to reduce stress and anxiety, creating a greater balance within the body. It is suitable for everyone apart from pregnant ladies who are in their first trimester.

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